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Is Prediabetes Dangerous?

Yes! The designation "prediabetes" sounds trivial, as if the danger is yet to come. Unfortunately the health damage is already taking place. The insulin resistance that characterizes prediabetes is accompanied by the organ damage that we attribute to diabetes. The list of problems attributed to diabetes is long, yet it often begins before you are diagnosed with diabetes. Perhaps you know someone who had their diabetes diagnosed only after they had suffered from neuropathy, or had a heart attack, or kidney failure.
Treat prediabetes seriously, it is much easier to prevent damage than to reverse it. Recovery from prediabetes can be done through the right dietary changes. These are described in Dr. Cohen's book Diabetes Recovery. The dietary plan Dr Cohen developed for people with type 2 diabetes is even easier with prediabetes, since prediabetics should not already be on diabetic medication.
Reversing Diabetes using the New Hippocratic Diet®

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