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How can prediabetes be reversed?

Since prediabetes is caused by diet, it is logical to reverse it with diet. Therefore, reversing prediabetes is under your control. Don't be fooled by claims for magic substances. How easy that is to do depends upon how far along the diabetes path you have gone. Minor changes produce minor benefit, but significant dietary changes will create significant benefits you can enjoy for life. If you are also overweight, expect a double benefit.

The most suitable diet for doing this is explained in Dr. Cohen book Diabetes Recovery. It, and its accompanying cookbook, can bring progression to diabetes to a halt and reverse its course. It can return a feeling of well-being and to put your health under your own control, all without special products or disgusting artificial foods.

Should you exercise, too? Moderate increases in activity are best for almost everyone, but rigorous programs that may harm you are not the answer. Exercise increases without dietary change rarely works. If you are losing weight, the right types of exercise should help correct limitations to your range of motion and posture. Since you are not already on diabetic medication, you can follow this program without additional guidance.

The book Diabetes Recovery and its accompanying cookbook, provide detailed information and should be read before starting.

For further help, an e-learning course is also available online.
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Reversing Diabetes using the New Hippocratic Diet®

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